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Gastronomy of ARAZ

We await our dear guests with a varied, delicious lunch menu, seasonal gastronomic specialties, unique wine dinners, and much more! While located at the center of the bustling city, the inner terrace of the restaurant feels far away from all its noise. It awaits the people hungry for culinary delights as a real oasis during the summer months. We invite our guests for a gastronomic adventure, where modern kitchen technology and traditional Hungarian cuisine sometimes create something new and unique.


In one of the historic quarters of Budapest, in District VII, such a restaurant welcomes the fans of gastronomy and treats fashion among the followers of domestic gastronomy. Whoever has felt that they have to compromise during their selection of a restaurant, can now find the restaurant that meets all the expectations. As part of the newest Continental Hotel Budapest – yet as a separate restaurant - the restaurant ARAZ fulfills every gastronomical fan’s dream. A delicate, elaborately designed interior space, the exciting menu, which tastefully combines the atmosphere of the turn of the century and the modern global cuisine of today, and a quiet and shady terrace located in District VII welcome the guests in the Restaurant ARAZ. At the corner of Dohány and Nyár Streets, an impressive picture welcomes the guests since the Restaurant ARAZ opened its gates where once the Spa Hungária stood, preserving the stylistic characteristics of Art Nouveau. In the Gallery Café area, a coffee room with an also traditional atmosphere has been established where all the coffee specialties of the turn of the century are available on the coffee list. The atmosphere of the interior space and the flavor of the contemporary coffee specialties blend in with each other, the time ceases, the state-of-the-art becomes a part of the tradition, the noise of the city remains outside, and the guest is surrounded by the familiarly new world of the style, the odors, and the flavors.


The one-time building, which, besides the Spa Hungária, was once also home to the Hotel Continental, preserves the stylistic characteristics that influenced the landscape of Budapest; the stylistic characteristics of the art nouveau and the art deco left their mark on the exterior and the interior of both the Continental Hotel Budapest and on the Restaurant ARAZ. The landscape of the dynamically developing ’Erzsébetváros’ (Elizabeth town) has become richer with the appearance of the Restaurant ARAZ and Continental Hotel Budapest. Also Dohány Street is a worthy location for a new restaurant, which also preserves tradition, since the street has always been the main traffic route (a car route connecting the town of Pest with the Eastern part of the country went through here once), welcoming several restaurants and hotels. In this historic atmosphere can the new, VIIth district restaurant of Budapest be found, which is suitable for a light lunch, a business lunch, a substantial dinner, or even an event with 120 persons or a wedding. Behind the restaurant, in the interior yard, a special terrace provides a shady and quiet atmosphere for the guests. Who could resist all this?