A'la carte menu and drinks



Uniquely rich basic materials, unbelievably fresh ingredients, extremely rich fantasy and the aspiration for maximal harmony of flavors characterizes our cuisine, from which we offer the most exciting dish phenomena prepared with modern technology for the lovers of flavors, exploration and new adventures.

The unique flavors, the well-defined seasoning, and the typically abundant combinations of the Hungarian cuisine are inviting the guests starving for a unique flavor-experience to an exciting gastronomic adventure. Our kitchen – just as our language or music – strongly differs from the neighboring and western nations, and it is at the same time at least as dominant in our national consciousness as our national anthem or flag. Although a Hungarian kitchen can not exist without paprika, gulyás or stew, it is much richer than this: dishes of the ancient periods coupled with the most modern kitchen technology-related procedures – that is what we offer you on our Hungarian menu.

When drawing up the menu, we took specific care that everybody can find a dish suiting his/her individual taste. Vegetarian, gluten-free and diabetic dishes can also be chosen from our menu.

Cold Appetizers

Foie gras, hazelnut, cranberry, beetroot, brioche 4480 HUF
Hungarian cold bits, fresh bread with lard spread 1960 HUF
Greek salad, spelled roll 1960 HUF
Goat cheese salad, pine nuts 1960 HUF
Garden salad, grilled ewe's milk cheese 1960 HUF


Asian style fish soup with curry 2800 HUF
Hungarian Grey cattle goulash soup 2660 HUF
Morel mushroom cream soup, coriander oil 2100 HUF

Hot Appetizer

Waffle, goat cheese, rockets, ripened cheese sauce 2800 HUF

Main courses

Salmon, grilled vegetables, spinach, hollandaise sauce 5600 HUF
Chicken, kidney bean puree, roasted vegetables, peanut sauce 4200 HUF
Duck breast, homemade pasta, nameko mushroom ragout, roasted cashew nuts 4480 HUF
Sticky ribs of mangalitza pork, spicy homemade crisps, coleslaw with pear 3920 HUF
Lingiune, rockets, candied walnut, parmesan sauce 3360 HUF
ARAZ hamburger 3920 HUF


Fillet mignon /180 g 7280 HUF
Rib eye /200 g 7840 HUF

Add a sauce to your liking*: green pepper sauce, diane sauce, béarnaise sauce
Choose one of our sides up to your preferences*: potato wedges, homemade tortilla , green salad, cucumber with yoghurt and mint

* The prices are inclusive of one side and one sauce. For additional sauces or sides we charge 700 HUF additionally.


Dark chocolate variation 1960 HUF
Cottage cheese dumplings, white chocolate, almond, sour cream 1120 HUF
Citrus flavoured cheese cake 1120 HUF
Continental cake 1680 HUF


Assorted Hungarian artisanal cheeses 2240 HUF

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