Araz Étterem



 Cold Appetizer

 Francia fogás Marinated Salmon, Wild Salmon Crumbs, Homemade Sour Cream, Marinated Radishes 2350 HUF
 Francia fogás

Trio of Foie Gras with Roasted Brioche

3190 HUF
Magyar fogás Mangalitza (Hungarian Pork) from theAttic, Homemade Bread with Lard Spread 2790 HUF




Francia fogás Curry-Lemon Grass Soup, Butterfish Fillet 1990 HUF
Magyar fogás Morel Mushroom Bisque, Cognac, Stuffed Pastry, Coriander Oil 1490 HUF
Magyar fogás Truffle seasoned goulash soup Royal ’16 2350 HUF

Hot Appetizer

Francia fogás Foie Gras Confit, Grilled Goat Cheese, Homemade Pasta, Comté, Ruccola 3450 HUF

Main Courses

Francia fogás Scottish Salmon, Onion Crisps, Snap Peas, Vanilla Champagne Velouté 4750 HUF
Francia fogás Farm Raised Chicken Breast, Fresh Spinach, White Beans, Scallions, Chervil 3350 HUF
Magyar fogás Mangalitza (Hungarian Pork) Ribs, Caramelised New Potatoes, Corn Cream, Coriander Yogurt 2990 HUF
Magyar fogás Veal Cheek Confit, Oxtail Stew, Parsley Root Cream, Roasted Buckwheat 3290 HUF
Francia fogás Sirloin Fillets, Truff les, Béarnaise Sauce, Sweet Peas, Candied Carrots, Creamy Mashed Potatoes 6550 HUF


Magyar fogás

Hungarian Sweet Cottage Cheese Cake, Sour Cherry Ragout

1250 HUF
Francia fogás

Coconut Balloons, Almond Infusion

1390 HUF
Magyar fogás Bergamot Tea, Dark Chocolate Ganache, White Chocolate-Sour Cream Ice Cream, Rhubarb Compote 1390 HUF
Francia fogás

Caramel sponge cake with vanilla-rose yoghurt

1250 HUF
Araz logo rombusz

Continental cake

1450 HUF


Vegetarian Dishes

  Gardener’s salad with roasted oily seeds and grilled ewe’s milk cheese 2150 HUF

Linguine with ruccola, roasted pine nuts and sun-dried tomato

2 490 HUF
  Maple roasted tofu with roasted vegetables and cheese sauce 2 490 HUF
  Goat Cheese, Risotto, Parmesan Cheese 1350 HUF


  Selection of Hungarian Craft Chesees 3 190 HUF

Typical dishes of the Jewish cuisine

  Eggs „Polish style” with eggplant spread and salad 1 890 HUF
  Goose leg confit with cholent 3 950 HUF
  Classic Flodni 1 250 HUF