Araz Étterem

Our wine list features a wide variety of traditional Hungarian wines characterized by conservative elegance and high quality. These wines are selected with great devotion from the deservedly famous wine regions of Hungary. In our wine selection you can find both, the noblest beverage of Hungarian wineries based on old traditions, and the award-winner wines of our excellent winemakers.

France is the world's most important players in the production of wine, red wine variety is almost endless. Even the ancient Romans also cultivated grapes in the area. Largest and best known wine-growing regions of significance: Champagne, Bordeaux, Burgogne, Chablis, Loire, Rhône, Languedoc, Provence, Alsace. Each wine region has strict rules to classify the quality of wine-growing areas.

The wines on our wine list may be a worthy choice to our dishes, thereby enhancing the culinary dining experience. 





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