Araz Étterem

The menu is simple, sophisticated and exciting.



The conscious gastronomy begins with the procurement of the ingredients: be it a lunch or dinner; only the freshest, domestic ingredients are used for each dish. We allured the dishes from the past which had occupied a distinguished place on the menu of the civilian restaurants for decades. We have added some new flavours, procedures and conceptions, thereby creating a new one, which is braver, more intensive and more complex than its older predecessors; yet, the feeling of familiarity gives the basics. Native animals, home-made spices and jams, fresh vegetables and fruits enrich the composition of the dishes listed on the menu. Besides the dishes, Hungarian and French wines, coctails are also offered.

We are searching for and offering the real, unadulterated flavours in everything that we create. We would like to trigger that ’Right!’ feeling from our guests, that kind of happy and savoury smile that makes the pleasure of eating ethereally easy after the consumption of an excellent meal. However, we do not only provide lunch or dinner: the new restaurant called ARAZ is an excellent venue for weddings, conferences or for events hosting 120 persons.