Araz Étterem

On the menu of the ARAZ Restaurant, the finest masterpieces of the Hungarian and French cuisine can be found and prepared for you with the most modern kitchen technology-related procedure of the XXIst century by the chef, Áron Barka and his team.

 Halleves honlap  
 Vaddisznó honlap

The French cuisine is at least as exciting for the lovers of flavors as the exploration of a new continent for a globetrotter. The unique harmony of flavors, odors and sight is perhaps best expressed on a plate filled and decorated with French food. Uniquely rich basic materials, unbelievably fresh ingredients, extremely rich fantasy and the aspiration for maximal harmony of flavors characterize the French cuisine, from which we offer the most exciting dish phenomena prepared with the most modern technology for the lovers of flavors, exploration and new adventures.

The unique flavors, the well-defined seasoning, and the typically abundant combinations of the Hungarian cuisine are inviting the guests starving for a unique flavor-experience to an exciting gastronomic adventure. Our kitchen – just as our language or music – strongly differs from the neighbouring and western nations, and it is at the same time at least as dominant in our national consciousness as our national anthem or flag. Although a Hungarian kitchen can not exist without paprika, gulyás or stew, it is much richer than this: dishes of the ancient periods coupled with the most modern kitchen technology-related procedures – that is what we offer you on our Hungarian menu.

When drawing up the menu, we took specific care that everybody can find a dish suiting his/her individual taste. Vegetarian, gluten-free and diabetic dishes can also be chosen from our menu.