Araz Étterem
After completing his studies, Áron Barka began his career in the hotel Kempinski. During the years spent there, he acquired great experience in the Gourmet cuisine. To extend his knowledge, he continued building his career in the ’Four seasons’ hotel located in the Black Forest, which is one of the most beautiful regions of Germany.
To develop himself professionally, after a two-year period, he decided to utilize his knowledge on a riverine cruise ship. In his second year there, he became appointed as kitchen chef in France on the cruise ship called ’ A-Rosa Luna’. During exclusive events, he was able to work together with several Michelin star chefs. After spending another two years there, he was commissioned with managing the kitchens of six ships - four ships cruising on the Danube and two on French inland (river) water
121A5826Áron Barka started his professional career in Hotel Kempinski. In the years spent there he gained great experiences in gourmet kitchen. In an effort to deepen and enrich his knowledge, he continued building his career in one of the most beautiful areas of Germany, in the Vier Jahreszeiten am Schluchsee 4**** (Four Seasons) hotel in Schwarzwald. In order to enhance his professional development, after two years he decided to apply his skills on a river boat.  In his second year spent in France he was appointed to be the chef in A-Rosa Luna. In exclusive events he had a chance to work together with several cooks with Michelin stars. After another two years he was appointed to be in charge of managing the kitchens of six boats - four on the Danube and two French river boats.
After his gastronomic adventures he returned home and is currently working on/enhancing the successful operation of ARAZ Restaurant of Continental Hotel Budapest****Superior, as Chef de Cuisine.  Since the opening of the restaurant he has organized themed wine duet dinners with Ákos Kovács restaurant manager and with Gábor Kovács, president of the Hungarian Sommelier Club, in which the wines are selected on a scientific basis and the accompanying dishes are cooked in high quality. He applied for the Sommelier course with the intention of flourishing this series of events and passed his examination in 2012.
In the meantime, in 2011 he joined the world organization of Chaine de Rotisseurs, the French gastronomic order with a tradition of several centuries. After he was made a knight of the Order, he was invited to sit on the jury of several international and world quality contests. Representing Hungary, in 2014 he travelled to the world championship held in South Africa, where he assessed the contestants as a member of the tasting jury. In 2015, in the International Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition held in Hungary he already participated as a member of the kitchen jury.  He has organized several training contests in order to support the up-and-coming talents of the profession. He participated in the event of Metro Gastro Academy titled “Stars and Chefs”. In May 2015, after intensive work of several months, he passed his master examination!
To promote a greener future, he planted lavenders on the roof terrace of Continental Hotel Budapest, which meant the accomplishment of an old and cherished dream for him. It was a great honour for him that in 2016 he was also elected to sit on the jury of the domestic Sommelier competition.

1. Which country would you like to visit?
Peru, Japan

2. What is the first item on your bucket list?
Harvesting the lavender in the summer

3. What is your favourite book?
Yamamoto Tsunetomo / Hagakure

4. Which superhero would you like to be and why?
The Ironman, because he is a creative artist, the same way as I am.